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Trade Your Talents and Make Money at Gicree.com

The Gicree.com online market arena is a one-stop place where it is possible to effectively sell all your works as Gig services. You may be an artist, graphic designer, translator, SEO writer, software professional, model or with any natural talent. Here there is a niche for any ability. Project your skills to the whole web world and get recognition. It is the perfect platform for buyers to meet sellers and vice versa. As more and more people are looking for a work culture change, it is the best bet for anyone who wants to make extra bucks.

Are you a freelancer, student, homemaker, or currently without a job? With Gicree.com you are sure to make tons of money. Be in charge of your life!

Register, post and sell – how much more easier can it get? Buyers can now rest in peace. There is no more stressful and time-consuming browsing (both online and offline) required any more. You can find what you want in just a few clicks, over here. There a number of services offered by sellers from all over the globe. It ranges from the whacky to the professional.

Register, search and buy the gigs you want. We offer the best online platform to sell and buy all kinds of original, innovative and professional stuff. With over hundreds of gig services under numerous categories, we are a buyers’ ultimate dream paradise.

Gicree.com Features

The Gicree.com platform contains a host of features and characteristics that mark it as a leading name in the online marketplace for services.

What is a Gig?

Each service offered here is known as a Gig. For example, it can be a gig offered by an SEO expert or from a social networking promotional campaigner to boost your FaceBook profile. Each service category is offered at Gicree.com as an independent Gig. Now, as a user (buyer/seller) you are a `gigger’ here. So, get `gigging’ immediately.


Starting Minimal Amount for Each Gig Service

Each Gig service offered here is tagged with a minimal opening price of $5. The maximum price ceiling for any service offered by a seller is set at $50. Gicree.com does not encourage any form of bidding or negotiation. Please read the Terms of Service section for more details.

About Extra Gigs

It is for the Gicree sellers…

Extras Gigis added when sellers offer extra services for extra money. Through this say-so, the users (sellers) can add more sales price for a completed gig order, if it is to be delivered within the given handing-over time, when a buyer requests for an early delivery. It can be used when more work is done too!

How High Can I Go? Define Levels for Me.

The website offers high-level performance recognitions for sellers with growing orders, by assigning increasing status levels. You are awarded with attractive packages as you move up the ladder, based on your performance, positive buyer feedbacks, reviews, ratings and great sales figures.

  1. First Level– Beginners can start with 3 gigs posts.
  2. Second Level– You can post up to 6 gigs posts, for a rank higher than beginners’ (first) level.
  3. Third Level– Move to 10 gig posts, for a rank higher than second level.
  4. Top Rated Seller– You are now an elite member at Gicree.com, hand-picked by the expert in-house committee who reviews your performance.


How to get started here?

Easy! Sign up for free and post or buy gigs. Sellers must post original gigs only. Each gig must be unique and not duplicated. For more info, read the Terms of Service section. A seller gets paid via Credit Card or PayPal options.


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