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copywrite 1000 words along with spelling, grammar, and punctuation checking

I will copywrite 1000 words along with spelling, grammar, and punctuation checking for $5

I have a fast typing speed and plenty of free time. Any typing, writing, copying job you need will be completed and performed with utmost efficiency. I tend to be a perfectionist with an excellent... Read more

by mkm5 
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do data entry no matter how lengthy it is

I will do data entry no matter how lengthy it is for $5

I have a pretty good speed over typing and almost all the time I stick to the computer.So if I love that why can't I make money through that.there's nothing wrong utilizing the talents we got right. Read more

by pooja3junnu 
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do 1000 word copywriting.

I will do 1000 word copywriting. for $5

I am a student of management. can finished your work as fast as possible, it depends upon only the size of content. I dont have any work right now so need some job to utilize my waste time, & I... Read more

by alica 
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Write Short Story of 500 Words

I will Write Short Story of 500 Words for $5

I will write a short story for you of 500 words for $5. If you need more words than you have to buy some more gigs. For example for a 1500 words story; you have to buy 3 gigs. I have been writing... Read more

by vinayg2014 
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write 500 words of scanned paper

ExpressI will write 500 words of scanned paper for $5

Imagine what, If you have a scanned papers or photocopies of the book, i will write it down in a Microsoft word file, with a good format and marvelous layout, UP to 500 WORDS for only 5$, besides,... Read more

by trustENGINEER 
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do data entry for 30 days

I will do data entry for 30 days for $10

Hi, We are experts in Data Entry/Data Conversion/Data Typing/Excel Entry/Copy Paste/Product uploading/Product Searching and all type of Virtual Assistant jobs. It would be a thing of great honour... Read more

by doshkopho 
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ExpressI will write for $5

I am good in writing, can write whatever i am asked to write. Have experience in content writing field of 6 months, still working with a publishing house and a company. Contact me before... Read more

by anuj047 
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produce effective content strategy

I will produce effective content strategy for $15

SAT 2250/2400. I'm an avid reader (>500 books read), and have worked in Marketing for startups in different parts of the world. I subscribe to the Direct Marketing school of thought. I will... Read more

by sardines 
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