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help you with PCOS/ PCOD

ExpressI will help you with PCOS/ PCOD for $10

I will help you with PCOS with natural remedies and proven lifestyle changes.  It is a disorder in which a woman's hormones are out of balance. It can cause problems with your periods and... Read more

by amethyst 
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provide consultation to cure disease with ayurveda

ExpressI will provide consultation to cure disease with ayurveda for $5

Stay healthy in 5 $. Providing consultation to cure any disease with home remedies, ayurvedic medicines. Read more

by jatinanil 
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Counsel you

I will Counsel you for $5

If you are in an emotional turmoil , If you find yourself in deep trouble. Please do not hesitate to consult me . Read more

by Labhesh 
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teach how to cook

I will teach how to cook for $10

Taught around 18 people how to cook different recipes in a simpler way. Being experienced in teaching for 5 years,can teach in a easy and understandable way. Read more

by ncsaibs 
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do reading based on numerology and autosuggest you

I will do reading based on numerology and autosuggest you for $10

I have been providing quality services related to reading and autosuggestion. Would you like to know something about Numerology and about autosuggestion? Autosuggestion is a technique... Read more

by vinayg2014 
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