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Privacy Policy of

Please read the Privacy Policy document completely in order to understand our current website policies and rules. We provide here correct and precise information on how we will treat your data and other details that you have provided us. If in any way you are not thoroughly convinced with working style and practice then make your own choice whether to join and continue with the services we provide. Please read our policy statements from time to time to keep track of any changes in our way of approach and thinking. If you carry on using our website then it is a clear indication that you are a willing person and are in agreement with any changes in our rules and regulations. We request you to please read the following information so that you are aware of our current work programs, updates (if any), plans and future endeavors.

  • Minimum Age Limit to Create and Account in

We do not accept and promote children below the age of 13 years to create an account in website. We do not in any way intentionally accept any information of children who are under aged. If you are below 13 years of age, then please do not provide any personal information in our site. We are not responsible for any actions that are falsely given to us including the agreeable minimum age limit details. 

  • Children under the age of 13 years are not allowed to buy, sell, and divulge any private information like address, user name, password, phone number, e-mail address or any other social media contact data.
  • If we come across such disallowed activities from a child below 13 years of age (without parental consent and knowledge) then will automatically delete the child’s account.
  • If there are other persons on the web who are aware of such involvements then kindly notify and contact us immediately. We will take immediate and necessary actions regarding the same.


  • We Use Your Personal Information Appropriately

At you can experience a safe and secure transaction module. We understand and wholly respect your privacy needs and requirements. Our use of your personal information is carefully undertaken and appropriate info that is deemed necessary for us to offer good quality service to you alone is used.

The following are the areas where we use your personal information:

  • Verify your identity provided to us.
  • Set up your account.
  • Verify or re-issue your password.
  • Log your activity.
  • Contact you periodically regarding updates, offers, promotions and other services.
  • Monitor your data integrity.
  • Track any spam, frauds and other anti-web activities.

Even after your account is de-activated from website, we will maintain the details as long as it required for our operations. We will only send you occasional reminders to re-create your account with us, after your consent. Your personal information is processed on servers that are situated the world over so, it may happen that we might process data on a server that is located outside your country where you stay.

We retain de-activated/closed accounts at for the following upright reasons and in compliance with the state law:

  • Prevent any fraudulent activities.
  • Collect any due amount to be paid.
  • Resolve disagreements of recorded nature.
  • Troubleshoot various issues.
  • Help in any legal cyber crime investigations.
  • Enforce the terms and conditions of
  • Take various other actions as dictated by the law of the land.


  • We Respect and Care About Your Privacy

We at take your privacy seriously and personally. The secure website environment does not allow any selling or renting of your personal info to any third party. We do not disclose it to others other than for promoting your work that you have provided for, in our website. We allow you to purchase, sell, and share various details that you want to distribute, here. This includes pay for products/services, post reviews, comments and other related activities.

  • We guarantee that your information provided during registration remains safe, secure and highly private at Even your contact information does not fall on the eyes of any other external party.
  • You should understand that any information published with your consent such as content, videos, pictures, reviews, comments, text and other deliveries are not private anymore.
  • We gather additional information you have provided (including technical data) or shared with other users in order to provide a better web browsing participation and understanding.


  • We Do Collect Certain Technical Information for Your Benefit

The website acquires some technical data such as your IP address, browsing details, cookies and other related stuff in order to improvise and boost your experience with us. Our systems (in some cases, third-party systems) use certain technical information to perform the following functions:

  • Website operations and other functionalities.
  • Optimization and extension.
  • Analytics and reasoning.
  • Content promotion and support.
  • User experience expansion.

We assure you that no seller or buyer will contact you in any other way other than through your user login identification. will use your info to send you promotional materials, updates and activity notices.


  • Our Specific Privacy Statement to You

The website completely respects your privacy and hereby, issues the statement that we are deeply committed to safeguard and protect personal info of all its users categorically; from buyers and sellers to checking guests.

  • By accessing the website including related sites, services, apps, products and/or registering here and creating an account, you invariable consent to all our terms and conditions. According to the clause, we have your permission to keep, use, disclose, retain and process your recorded personal info.
  • We safe-keep your data and protect it from any unauthorized access. Do not disclose your password to any other third-party in order to safeguard your information. We do not take responsibility of unauthorized access gained via illegal means. If it comes to our notice, then we assure you of immediate measures to tackle the problem. We provide secure solutions with the help of industry-standard technologies and other in-house programs.
  • When you are browsing, you will come across third-party web links. We are not in any way responsible, liable or guarantee any of the other websites. We wash our hands of any legal and privacy matters when it comes to third-party sites. The privacy policy mentioned applies only to website. It is your sole responsibility to read and gather information of the third-party websites’ privacy policy statements.


  • We Never Disclose or Share Your Personal Info with Third Parties

At, all your personal information remains safe. Unless you say an “okay” we will not sell or rent any of your private details to other parties, for use in marketing intentions. Contact us if you do not wish to receive any marketing communications from, and we will immediately disconnect the line. It must be noted that we will however, use information we have collected from you and other establishments to improve our service-related personalizing activities for use in content management and advertising.

The following are the reasons behind presenting your personal info for third-part discretion in lieu of fraud and other unlawful activities:

  • For Service Providers – in order to open, operate and service your account. This includes the likes such as CRM systems, payment vendors, technical consultants, mailing systems and related operators.
  • For Law – in response to a subpoena or court order, judiciary process or any regulatory authority.
  • For Legal Actions – in case of money laundering, frauds, spam, claims or liabilities. Only our payment vendors gather credit data, to collect and transfer payments for buyers and sellers. As we are not aware of the payment data made to our payment vendors, the info is a matter of statement included in the payment vendors’ privacy policy and not of


  • You Can Block Our Cookies

When a user visits, the website uses cookies to save certain data on your computer which enables the following actions:

  • Allow automatic sign-in facility to
  • Provide an easy and simple personalized browsing experience.
  • Test your (user) understanding.
  • Offer personalized promotional contact.

Cookies are as HTML or Flash files or in other related technology. They are actually text files that assist in storing your preferences and online activities, in general. So, we have cookies to help us in making your experience with us, a more worthwhile activity.

You can set your browser to block our cookies or from any of our allied services. However, disabling our cookies may sometimes let you not function smoothly at Like for instance, with the help of our cookie you can save your username and password so that will make you browse smoothly and continually. Use your discretion.


  • We Reserve the Right to Update Our Privacy Policy Conditions

At any given time possesses the right to change its privacy policy. So, periodically check this space for updates. Your continued use of the website services after the last updated date will present the case that you are in agreement with our updated terms and conditions.


  • In Case of Company Change…

If changes hands or if there is a merger, acquisition, sale (all or portion) of assets, or bankruptcy, then your information may get transferred.


  • Please Provide and Update Accurate Personal Data

It is important to provide accurate personal information when creating an account at In case of any changes, please incorporate the revisions at the earliest in your profile account. Even after you delete your User Generated Content from the website it still may be retained as archived pages. It can also be copied and saved by other users. Visit the Terms Of Service to get more info on the same.


  • Image Courtesy

Images used on the page in the sections "Our Featured Gig Categories" are used from We appreciate the efforts put in by and allowing us to use their free images on our website. Images that are used as the gig photos are uploaded by our users and we are not responsible for those uploads. If you find that they are copyrighted and are used against the designer's will, please feel free to contact us and we will try to resolve the issue.


  • Send us a Mail for Any Query

If you have any further questions on our privacy policy terms and conditions, then feel free to drop us a mail. We offer quick response services to take care of all your questions and concerns. Contact Us