Terms Of Service

Terms of Service of Gicree.com

Updated: April, 2015

We at Gicree.com offer the best marketplace experience offering a whole lot of services provided by our users. We welcome you into this world where you can make money from your expertise, talents, passions, interests, hobbies and past-times.


Please read the Terms of Service section carefully to understand and comprehend our management conditions that administer your right to use Gicree.com website. This includes all forms of substances like content matter, functions and services provided on or via the website. Any of your following actions offer an automatic agreement to accept the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy of Gicree.com website:

  • Use the website.
  • Sign-up or Register an account.
  • Click to accept all the Terms of Service requisites.


If you do not in any way agree to Gicree.com terms and conditions, then please do not continue using our services. In this case, end your relationship with us and cease accessing or using the website in any manner. Repeated continual use of the website manifests the fact that you are in agreement with the privacy policies and Terms of Service, provided here.


In case of any questions, please contact us via e-mail. We have a quick response team who are on the call to answer all your doubts and guide you through our services.


Age limit is 13 yrs and Above

The eligible age to create an account in Gicree.com is 13yrs and above. The website is a definite NO for children under 13 years of age. Please provide accurate age details when registering here. If you use the site then you are under a binding contract with the firm that you are of the aforesaid legal age criteria. Please make sure that you meet all requirements before accessing or using the website.


Terms and Conditions – An Outline


We offer a whole range of innovative services categorized and presented in an original manner. Here is the overview of Gicree.com terms of use including its services. So, let’s get started.

  • Services offered on Gicree are termed as Gigs. The minimum opening price for each Gig is set at $5 and above.
  • Selling your services for lower than $5 will be considered a violation of Gicree Terms and Conditions
  • In order to buy and sell services you need to have a registered account at Gicree.com. Sign-up for free!
  • Buyers will pay 100% in advance as soon as the order is purchased, for the seller to start working on the order. The advanced payment made by the buyer will be help secure by Gicree until the order is marked completed by the buyer. Seller will receive the payment only after the buyer has satisfactorily completed the order.
  • The website offers high-level performance recognitions for sellers with growing orders, by assigning increasing account status levels.
  • Sellers are requested to fulfill the order as mentioned in the gig description and not to cancel their services mid-way or delay providing requested work with a valid reason, as this tarnishes the reputation of not only the user but also the website.
  • There must be no direct payment or purchase between a buyer and seller. All transactions should be made only via Gicree.com. If any such violation of Terms of Service is found, can result into account suspension or permanently blocked.
  • Buyers and sellers should not be exchanging any personal contact information like sharing email, phone numbers, social media accounts, Skype/IM usernames, etc to communicate outside of Gicree.
  • Buyers have the full right of use for all services except in cases where the seller spells out otherwise.
  • Sellers can offer services for additional prices through the Gig Extras clause that allows the user to add-on more sales price for gig order completion in less number of days and also, for more work.
  • Sellers should have sufficient permissions/licenses and rights to provide, sell or resell any services on Gicree.
  • GIcree retains all rights to utilize complete and hand-over marked services, for various forms of marketing purposes.
  • The Privacy Policy section is linked with the Terms of Service segment. Please read through the information thoroughly.
  • The sellers are to sell original skills only. Gicree.com is no way responsible for any duplicated content, videos, audios, programs or any other seller unauthenticated reproduction services that are provided as an end-result.
  • Users are requested use copyrighted photographs, designs, content and other registered trademark material that are subject to legal laws. Gicree.com is not liable for any such uploads by the users. In case of any such material found, it can be reported to our Customer Support and out Safety and Violation Team will take possible actions accordingly.
  • Violating any of the Gicree Policies and Terms may result in account suspension or permanently blocked account.
  • No exchange of services (buying and selling) will be possible for accounts that are suspended or blocked.

Gicree Sellers


Gicree.com calls all users to sell their know-how. We offer the best platform in the online industry to sell all your capabilities, from cool stuff to weird feats. Read through the Terms of Service for sellers to know about what you can and cannot do. Also, get first-hand information on the awards, offers, deals and other promotional info that you can avail here.


Basic Rules of the Trade

When you successfully sell your service and effectively complete an order, then your account is accredited with net returns of 75 % of the sum purchase total.     

Net Revenue = 75% of Purchase Amount 

As a safety measure the website has assigned a maximum of 14 days limit, after an order is marked as `Completed’. The payment amount will be added to sellers’ Gicree.com account after the order is marked Complete and this safety period is over.


If a buyer or the seller requests to cancel any order for what so ever reason (before that gig is marked as `Completed’) and is accepted by both the parties, then the amount paid by buyer to purchase the gig, will be returned and the sum total will be automatically added to the buyer’s Shopping Balance. A seller can take out earned and deposited money using the various credit card and PayPal withdrawal options integrated in the website. Sellers receive feedback from the buyer in form of reviews and ratings based on the quality of the service provided. The more the ratings the higher the seller will reach in lieu of increasing levels of achievement.


About Gig Offers

Services that are offered on Gicree.com is termed as a Gig. We recognize quality of the services provided by sellers and award them with increasing levels based on their performance, reviews and other online visibility factors. So, now for each higher level the seller can move on more service orders can they work on. It is a highly promising `gigging’ world, so kick-start your career campaign and earn tons of money for your efforts.

  • First Rank Level – You can start with 3 gig offers, so now you can post a maximum of three services when you begin here.
  • Second Rank Level – It now increases to 6 gig offers for the next higher level from the first rank level.
  • Third Rank Level – You can now post up to a maximum of 10 gig services for the next higher level from the second rank level.
  • Top Rated Seller– You are now the `chosen one’ and the website’s topmost gigger, for users who have made it to the list of achievers.


It is to be noted that the gig that a user initiates in the Gicree.com website is actually a User Generated Content (UGC) meaning, `the content is created by the user (buyer and/or seller) who takes sole responsibility for the gig. It is not in any way a site generated service.’ The buyers and sellers are responsible for all the uploaded details on the website. All UGC materials visible on the website are posted by users alone and not Gicree.com.


Gicree has full right to remove any gigs on the website that seem to violate any of the Terms of Service, including but not limited to the following:

  • Image tarnishing gig posts that deliberately replicate other users content.
  • Profane, pornographic, and obscene adult content service gig offers.
  • Unsolicited, spam, vicious and/or troll gig posts.
  • Unlawful, fake and criminal gig posts including any copyright and trademark violating acts.
  • Re-selling settled produce and service.
  • Inaccurate gig posts misinforming buyers including third-party service infringements.


A seller account may be deleted if a gig post is removed because of any of the above-mentioned violation. A gig once removed because of Terms and Servicd violation will never be reinstated. Gicree.com has the right to remove any low performance output gig posts from its Search list. This also takes into account any user misbehavior that the website deems not correct. Internet links (URLs) that indirectly connect the user to third-party websites are subject to approval and in some cases considered as inappropriate for use here. It is strictly prohibited to issue notice or any other statements that in any way evade or disclaim the Gicree.com Terms of Service.

The following options provide more info for gig images and videos:

  • It is crucial for a gig to integrate an apt image that is relevant to the service offered by the user. The website gives the sellers the option to upload two additional gig images.
  • Use gig management means to endorse a gig video by adding the video URL from YouTube.         


Stars for High-performance Giggers – Sellers’ Rank Levels

If you are a good seller of your services then Gicree.com recognizes your output and awards you with badges, higher ratings, advanced status levels, tools and other trade benefits. We are the right name that elevate your business and take it to the next work levels. Be self-motivated and perform well to reap rewards here. Just remember that you can gain more when you maintain exact delivery time, good quality and in turn excellent ratings.

The following are the benefits that are up for grabs for the top giggers. Attain high achievement rank levels with recognition, reviews, comments and accomplishments. The listing tells you the terms of appreciation we provide for your work when you:


Move higher from Level (1) to Level (2)

  • Really active and maintained a very low order cancellation rate.
  • Successfully fulfilled (marked as `complete’) a minimum of 35 jobs.
  • Possess a minimum rating level of 90 %.


Move higher from Level (2) to Level (3)

  • Really active and maintained a very low order cancellation rate.
  • Successfully fulfilled (marked as `complete’) a minimum of 50 jobs.
  • Possess a minimum rating level of 95 %.


Reach the Top Rated Seller Level

You have now made it to the elite list of sellers specially handpicked by our in-house team of experts. Only the most superior performers get to make it here.

  • Very high sales figure.
  • Very high user rating/reviews of 100 %.
  • About 99 % of the overall ratings must contain only positive reviews.


Sales Revenue Money Withdrawal Clause

Users must possess credit card and/or PayPal accounts in order to withdraw the sales amount accumulated in your account. We accept only one account (one each for withdrawal source) for one profile you have at Gicree.com. So, it means that for a Gicree.com profile you can have only one withdrawal source account. The following are some of the clauses to be noted while and after withdrawing your money earned for your services, here.

  • The minimum withdrawal amount by seller from Gicree.com account is $50. So, the withdrawal request must have a minimum amount of $50. Request for withdrawal lower than $50 will not be accepted.
  • Click on your integrated withdrawal source account info in the website to start the sales amount withdrawal process.
  • You can only withdraw money that is available for the services you offered. The website does not in any way encourage any additional money transfer other than the assigned value.
  • Each withdrawal credit card/PayPal source has its own set of fees requisites. So, the withdrawal fees differ in accordance with the source.
  • Once you have withdrawn the amount, it will not be possible for you to change or reverse the process in any manner. Refund after withdrawal is not possible and the withdrawal once done is final.

Gicree Buyers


Gicree.com calls all buyers to purchase the services offered by our numerous household of sellers. We offer the best platform in the online industry to buy official and personal orders ranging from the professional, innovative and coolest skill-set to the weirdest. Read through the Terms of Service for buyers to be aware of what you can and cannot do. Also, get first-hand information on the offers, deals and other promotional info that you can avail here.


Basic Buyer Guidelines

First and foremost, you must keep in mind not to offer to pay or make payment to sellers directly. All payment transactions must be made through the Gicree.com website. It is to be noted that the website has the right to use all completed works that are published via the website for marketing and other promotional intentions. You can ask for services that fall within the User Generated Content (UGC) range of orders. Any order provided that falls outside the mentioned UGC category will not at any point get entertained at Gicree.com.


Purchasing Power – Follow the Rules

The first step to buy a gig service is to click on the `Order Now’ option available on the sellers’ service page. Gicree.com provides buyers with a good shopping experience through simple and easy steps. So, now it is time to `shop till you drop’.

  • You can purchase gig offers using credit card or PayPal options integrated in our website.

  • At the time of buying, a Processing Fee is assigned to the gig amount so that the purchaser can see and consent to the sum total payment amount. As of April 2015, processing fee is calculated as $0.50.

 Precessing Fee = Payment Fee + Administrative Fee

  • In case of “order cancelation” before the order is completed, the amount refunded will be added to your shopping balance after taking out the processing fee.

  • You will not be charged the Processing fee while placing an order if:

    • You are a seller too, and have sales revenue amount in your account, or

    • Your shopping balance reflects any credits or refund amount, which fully covers the cost of your purchased amount.

  • A Payment Processing/Transaction Fee of 3% will be applied for each withdrawal made by the user (buyer/seller) as a part of the third-party (credit card company or PayPal) processing fee.

  • If there is any balance left over in your account as a result of Sales Revenue or your order refunds, it will be used towards your next purchase only if the amount of the purchase is lesser than the balance left in your account.

  • It will be a violation of Gicree Terms of Services, if you offer to pay or make a payment to a seller out of Gicree. If a seller gets in touch with you with an offer to make payment using any other methods other than via Gicree.com, then please report the matter to our Customer Support without delay.

  • In order to offer a safe and secure transaction environment and avoid any fraudulent and unauthorized activities we do not in any way possess the payment and credit information and pass it over to our payment processing vendors. So, the data sent by buyers and sellers is privy only to vendors and in this scenario only their privacy policies apply and not that of Privacy Policies of Gicree.com.

Gicree Orders


The best way to make money is to successfully complete orders. It is important to fulfill an order within the buyer deadline, ensuring high-quality produce and delivering what was promised. The moment buyer’s monetary payment is accepted, an order is created with a Unique Order Number. When orders are purchased as Gig Extras and Gig Multiples, they are identifies as unique multiple orders with add-on services attached to each and every order.


To Mark an Order as Complete…

In order for an order to be marked as Completed, the seller must utilize the `Deliver Completed Work’feature on the order page, to submit all work done (offered as a Gig and purchased by buyers) for buyers as files or as proof of finished task, then:

  • Only after an order is remarked as `Delivered’ and passes the buyer scrutiny and rating, is it approved as `Completed’. It is to be noticed that a Delivered order will be automatically assigned as `Completed’ if no response or request for revision is submitted by the buyer within 3 days after delivery of the work (When order is marked as `Delivered’).
  • Users must not misuse the `Deliver Completed Work’option to avoid any Terms of Service as mentioned here. If by any chance an incomplete order is sent via the `Deliver Completed Work’ option, then the order may get cancelled and a warning message will be sent to the seller. This might tarnish the reputation of the seller.

Users are requested to communicate with each other in order to resolve any disagreements amongst them. If the situation still remains unresolved then please get in touch with Gicree.com Customer Support Team, to get a solution for the issue.


Managing Orders – Selling and Buying

On purchase of a gig, the “Notifications” icon on the top of the page notifies seller as soon as the user logs into the system. Sellers also receive a notification email about the new order on their primary emailed used in the account. Sellers please note that it is highly recommended to deliver your services on time, as mentioned to the buyers. The seller must deliver completed work files on or before the “Delivery Date”.Buyer has the full right to cancel the order on a  `late delivery’ status, which in turn will affect seller ratings/reviews. Gicree.com does not hold responsibility for any viruses, malicious agents or malware that are sent to the users, including any and all harms caused due to website and content use, or uploaded files.So, please scan the transferred files to prevent such a mishap from happening.


  • Users may cancel any order that is still not marked as `Complete’. The following options are available to cancel orders that are `Active’ or `Pending My Review’.
    • Mutual cancellation request option available in the Seller > Manage Sales (for sellers) or Buyer > My Shopping page section or on the Order page for delivered as well as undelivered gig orders.
    • “Request Modification” option is available when buyers want modifications to delivered work files.
    • `Force Cancel Order’ rejection option available only for delivered orders
  • Gicree.com would like to bring it to the users’ notice that such mid-way cancellations might make the seller lose credibility in the eyes of the buyer and vice versa.
  • Buyers have the right to resend a delivered work to the seller if:
    • There are any changes to be made, if the job done by the seller falls short of the buyer requirements that were mentioned to the seller at the starting of the job assignment.
    • There is a discrepancy in the sellers’ delivered material and that of the gig advertisement displayed on the website for that particular service order.


Ratings & Reviews

The rating classification reflects the review comments posted by buyers on Gicree.com for each gig order delivered by the seller. The website supports feedback reviews so that a buyer’ understanding and satisfaction with a sellers’ service is fully reviewed and comprehended. It is the right of the buyer to leave a remark on a sellers’ order. If there are any noticeable discrepancies or infringements to the website Terms of Service, then the website has the right remove such unwanted remarks from its pages.

Users note down the following clauses for all types of feedback reviews on Gicree.com website:

  • Misuse of the feedback review forum is strictly prohibited and is liable for stringent website actions. All reviews must arise through sales gig offers generated within the website community. If in any way, a bogus account is created to increase ratings/reviews through fraudulent purchases then all related accounts of the user will be permanently cancelled.
  • A buyer can leave a rating without writing a comment about the gig service provided by the seller. All feedback reviews are visible on the Gig page section of the seller. Reviews for orders that are cancelled, will remain as it is and can only be removed if the buyer and the seller mutually agree upon that.
  • Sellers are advocated not to hold the release of gig orders such files, services or any other data that is essential to complete the job for personal gain such as extra reviews and/or added service orders.
  • A gig work is automatically considered as complete if there is no response from the buyer or no review received within 3 days of work delivery. A gig that is under the shipping category is given a maximum response time limit of 30 days.



  • Sellers who sell services that require delivering physical goods (like artwork, gift items, books, etc.) can decide their shipping charges and add it while creating the gig.
  • Seller has the right to charge different rates for local and international addresses. It will totally be seller’s responsibility to make all shipping arrangements. Gicree is not responsible for any loss or damage in the items received by the buyer. Gicree does not take charge of any shipping & handling, tracking and safe delivery of the shipment.
  • Sellers may request the buyer to provide a shipping address to deliver the goods and items. It is advised that sellers should provide all accurate shipping details including the shipping company, tracking number, etc. for the buyer in the order page


Disagreements and Terminations

The Gicree.com website encourages settlement of disputes between users (buyers and sellers) within themselves. In case of continuing issues, the responsible parties can contact the Gicree’s Customer Support Center. There are user-friendly tools available on the website to resolve all user (buyer/seller) disputes. Here are the Gicree.com pointers to know, regarding disputes and cancellations.

  • Buyers and sellers can only cancel orders that are in Active or Pending My Review status, and are requested to work on cancellation among them. If for any reason the problem still stands, they can contact our Customer Support Center.
  • Once these orders are marked Completed, they can be cancelled by contacting Customer Support Center. Such eligible orders can wait only up to a maximum of 14 days, after which no cancellation is possible. Our Safety and Violation team will assess the situation and mark a gig order as eligible for termination or not, based on:
    • Violations of Gicree.com Terms of Service.
    • Common malpractices.
    • Misuse of Gicree.com delivery system.

An order will not be eligible for cancellation based on the quality of the gig service and files/physical items/material delivered by the seller, if the service was provided according to the gig’s description. A buyer can rate the quality and satisfaction of a sellers’ gig service on the order page, which will be displayed on that particular gig page.

  • It will be considered a violation of Terms of Service if a transaction dispute or payment reverse request is filed with the payment providers like any credit card company or PayPal. If such an action comes to our notice then the user account is likely to be suspended till security violation investigations are underway. In such a scenario there will be no refunds of money possible due to the continuing Gicree.com contract with the payment provider, with whom you have filed a complaint.
  •  Gicree does not guarantee that your order cancellation request will always be approved. Once the request is received, it will be accessed for a variety of reasons which include but are not limited to:
    • Violation of our Terms of Service
    • Communication records
    • Service provided/Material delivered
    • General misconduct
  • The Gicree.com has the right to cancel gig orders or to hold funds in user Account Balance in case of any alleged shams.


Refunds Policy

Users must note that Gicree.com will not refund your payment in case of any orders cancellation process, to your payment provider (Credit Card Company or PayPal). The funds that are refunded in lieu of canceled gig orders are sent to the buyers’ website account balance as a credit amount and are available in Gicree.com for any future gig purchases. However, the refunded value available in the balance due to cancelled orders will not include the transaction/processingfees paid. Read the following to gain more info on our Deposit Refunds terms and conditions.

  • When a payment provider (credit card company/PayPal) refunds deposit amount then the operation can be performed by the websites’ customer care service. In order to protect any fraudulent activities, Gicree.com provides a limit as to how many times a user can request a payment provider refund from their account. This process is reviewed by our customer care service center. In some cases, additional fees may be applied to these refunds, which will be deducted from your refund amount.


Code of Conduct


Gicree.com is one of the best global marketplace where you can buy and sell your expertise, talents, hobbies and interests on a common platform. It is the apt area for buyers to purchase the services of various people from different spheres of work. The endless list of opportunities promoted here helps both sellers and buyers to create an online workspace that is secure and safe, so that each can benefit from the other.


The registered users at Gicree.com are in touch with each other through forum, posts, messages, orders, social networking mediums and other inter-community activities. The atmosphere here is relaxed, secure and of course, with professional outcomes. It is hereby, advocated that users and visitors must maintain the decorum of conduct when using the many services offered here. The following conditions apply to Gicree.com users. Please follow the instructions and maintain the professional environment and working culture of the website when contacting with one another through Gicree.com website.


Conduct Rules and Regulations – Basic Conditions


Gicree.com adheres to the communication terms and conditions strictly. As the privacy of a registered user is foremost, the website does not in any way divulge the information of the user. The website safe-keeps the user identity undisclosed in order to protect the details of the end-user.

  • Gicree strictly prohibits users from requesting or providing direct contact information to communicate outside of Gicree. Such contact includes but is not limited to exchange of email addresses, phone number, personal website, blog, portfolio, Skype or any other IM usernames, social media usernames & accounts, etc..
  • Any form of external contact outside Gicree.com via any third party mediums is not permitted and is a violation of Gicree Terms of Services. If it comes to notice, then actions will be taken pertaining to the nature of damaging deeds.
  • Any communication between a buyer and seller to proceed with the offered services must take place only within the borders of the related page section.
  • Buyers must note that Gicree.com is not responsible for the quality of seller services. Any disagreements should be resolved using the communication services provided in the website.
  • If in any case, a buyer or seller misuses or does not follow the givenTerms Of Service, then the website does not supply the given protection rules to the related users.
  • If in any case, a buyer or seller interacts outside the website domain then the website does not offer any protection for the aforesaid communication.
  • Any type of data transfer, information gathering, and/or files trading must happen within the Gicree.com website platform.
  • Trolls are not welcome here. If it comes to the notice of the website that a user is indulging in obscene innuendoes, foul language or other forms of improper and unacceptable communiqué, then the website has all powers to suspend, warn or even cancel a user account permanently.


Reporting Violations


If it comes to the notice of any Gicree.com user or visitor that the website content violates the Terms of Service in any way, then please contact the website Customer Support Center and report the abuse. The identity of users who report such matter is not in any manner disclosed by the Gicree.com website. Please read through the Privacy Policy of the website for more details on the same. All complaints and reports must be brought to the notice only through the Gicree’s listed channels. Gicree.com does not entertain any bogus info shared within or out of the set communication guidelines, as mentioned in the Terms of Service conditions.


All the violation reports will be review thoroughly by out Safety & Violation Team. To protect the privacy of our individuals, such result reports will not be shared publicly but necessary actions may be taken.


Violations Info


The Gicree.com website disperses warning notices to the user account in case of any Terms of Service abuse. The warning messages may be sent to the users’ e-mail account that is accessed within the website platform. Based on the severity of the violations, a user account can be suspended. All warnings do not necessarily indicate that a user account will be automatically de-activated. Actions are performed on the user by the Safety & Violation Team based on the user level misconduct and breach of the code of conduct. If a user account is suspended, user will receive an email from Gicree regarding the same and will be unable to access their account in any way.


Unacceptable Use at Gicree.com


The Gicree.com website does not in any way acknowledge, entertain or promote the following actions in any form.

  • Pornographic Material and Adult Content– Do not post any adult material content, services, message or images that are related to pornography. The trade of such unauthorized material through the website platform is strictly forbidden.
  • Improper Conduct - The website environment encourages friendly and professional communication that will benefit the users (buyers/sellers). If in any case, a user misbehaves through messages or services, then a warning is sent for the aforesaid misdeed. In some cases, based on the severity of any hate content or troll messages, a user account can be suspended or terminated.
  • Spam and/or Phishing – The Gicree.com website takes pride for its secure and safe operating atmosphere. It is against the Terms of Service to send and publish any form of unwanted content or malware in order to abuse a fellow-users’ account. Any form of abuse that affects the workstation setting is strictly banned. It is advised not to contact any user to promote or advertise any commercial business proposals.
  • User Confidentiality and Identity– The website strictly forbids any attempt to disclose the personal information of any user outside the website domain. Data like phone number, address, e-mail id and other details are confidential info and come under the Privacy category.
    • Users are advised not to post or comment by publishing any personal records. Use the integrated messaging facility to communicate.
    • Any buyer facts received by seller must be not be used for any other activity other than providing the required services.
    • All buyer data are not to be publicized but used only in providing the asked-for service.
    • If in case, any user communicates out of the website domain, then there will be no protection offered as the Terms of Service is violated here.
  • Intellectual Property Rights– The Gicree.com website is always available to comment on any alleged breach of copyright or trademark laws provided, the reasons point clearly and completely at any violation. Proofs of the reported deed and other records are to be submitted in this case, for the Gicree.com website to take further action on the proceedings.
    • The website does not conduct any checks for copyright or trademark infringement for uploaded content that is sent by the user (as per the UGC terms and conditions). If any proven case is presented to us with complete records and certifications, then we will look into the matter. If any content is found to violate any such laws then the records and the uploaded data under scrutiny will be automatically rendered inoperative.
    • If the website has by any slip-up disabled a post or comment that a user has here, then a counter-notice can be filed with us in the form of a written notification that will be sent to our associated DMCA agent.
  • Fraudulent or Illegal Exploitation– A user or visitor must not use the Gicree.com website to carry out any fraud or unlawful activities.
  • Misuse, Abuse and Spam– Only one account per user is allowed at Gicree.com. If it comes to the notice of the website that any additional account that misuses the website Terms of Service, it will be automatically and immediately disabled. Repeated and uncorrected misdemeanors will result in the cancellation of all accounts of a user.
    • Gicree.com views all targeted website abusers seriously. It is against the website policy to harass or intimidate any Gicree.com user through the messaging or ordering system of working. This also includes creating multiple accounts for the aforesaid process.
  • Exchanging or Trading accounts - The website does not permit any buying or selling of Gicree.com accounts in any form or manner.


User Conduct – Prevailing Rules and Regulations


User account is liable to be suspended or terminated based on the website discretion to cancel an account for any infringement of Gicree.com Terms of Service. The website holds the right to perform the suspension or cancellation action if there is any evidence of unlawful or any other improper activities.

  • If a user account is disabled by the website for any breach, then the visitor will not be able to sell or buy via Gicree.com. This user can contact the Customer Care service center to gather more details on the reason and status of his/her account.
  • It is easy to verify the account possession by the user. Contact the Customer Support Center and provide the required materials that prove that you are the owner of the account you hold.
  • In case of a disabled website account, the user can withdraw revenue amount after a 45 days safety period. This is calculated from the last payment cleared and received by the user. The revenue of a disabled account is also subject to the approval of Gicree.com before retrieval.
  • Gicree.com has the right to update or make revisions to the Terms of Service as stated here with prior notice to its users. All users are advised check this Terms of Service section periodically to keep track of any changes.
  • If you continue to use Gicree.com website account after any revisions to the Terms of Service, then it is noted that you have accepted all changes made to the Terms of Service and is in agreement with the updates and amendments.


About User Generated Content (UGC)


A User Generated Content (UGC) is all the content that is uploaded to Gicree by the users (buyers and sellers). The content added by Gicree.com does not come under the UGC category. The website does not hold any responsibility and also, does not verify any uploaded and UGC (including trademarks, copyrights and any other user registered material) posted on this portal. In case of any violations, we request to come and report such actions along with the proof of violation via our Customer Support center. We may remove or disable the reported content and may take required action on the account showing such content based on the proof of evidence.

  • Gicree.com does not take accountability for any sellers’ UGC and quality of services offered here. The website does not undertake any guarantee on a gig, delivery details, and any other interaction between users (buyer/seller). We request users to evaluate gig services based on the rating and forum reviews, and use their own common sense to use any of the advertised user services.
  • The website requests sellers to act in accordance with the website Terms of Service to place their services on the website for selling. A seller automatically is under oath when offering a service that he/she has the required permissions, rights and licenses to offer and re-sell their services to buyers.
  • Please follow the Intellectual Property Rightssection for breach of any contract or website rules and regulations. Gicree.com has the right to suspend or cancel any user account that is found to disobey or violate the set terms and conditions.


Ownership Rights of Offered Services


It is understood and accepted that when a seller submits his/her completed work to a buyer, then the purchaser has Intellectual Property Rights including copyrights (but not limited to), of the submitted service. This holds true other than if otherwise specified by the seller on his/her gig page section. According to the U.S. Copyright Act, the submitted work by the seller falls under the work-for-hire category. In case if this delivered work fails to meet the work-for-hire conditions or any other application of the U.S. Copyright Act, then the seller offers the buyer the copyright of the assigned work.

  • A buyer cannot use a sellers’ delivered work if the buyer cancels the order. A completed gig service is subject to complete payment by the buyer.
  • A buyer receives all copyrights from a seller if the work delivered is a customized service offer like an art design, report or any other tailor-made creations. All titles, rights and interests go to the buyer from the seller.
  • Any personal and private information of the buyer including services offered and bought is confidential. A seller must maintain the buyers’ details as classified information and must not share it with any other, without the permission of the buyer.
  • It is the sole right of Gicree.com to use all uploads, creations and any other user service submissions for marketing and other purposes. This includes photos, videos, and gig texts, usernames, delivered work displays and other information available here.


Warranty Disclaimer


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The abovementioned details do not influence any warranties that are limited under applicable law or which cannot be omitted or excluded.


Liability Limitation


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The abovementioned details do not influence any liabilities that are limited under applicable law or which cannot be omitted or excluded.

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